Carpet Cleaning in Layton Utah

Your carpets take a beating every day. After all, your whole family – including pets – walks all over them. You vacuum up the dirt and dust, but your carpets still require regular, thorough cleanings. Skipping this regular maintenance will not only shorten the life of your carpets, but it will expose you and your family to growing levels of dust mites, allergens and other pollutants that can contribute to chronic respiratory ailments. Enter A Team Carpet Clean, the locally owned and operated leading residential carpet cleaning service located in Layton, Utah, serving Weber, Davis and Ogden Counties.

The professional staff at A Team has the experience and the skill to rid your carpets of built-up dirt, grease and grime, as well as invisible contaminants like pollen and bacteria.

Homeowners often wait to call a carpet cleaning company until their carpets are sporting several visible stains. Food and beverages are big culprits. Many foods can leave behind stains, and even seemingly innocuous spills like clear sodas can lead to growing problems, as the sugars remain sticky and attract more dirt and soil. Stains from pets are also problematic. Even when you try to clean them right away, stains and odors are often left behind, making your carpet unhealthy, especially for small children to play on.

Layton Carpet Cleaning

When you call A Team for help, you don’t just get clean carpets, you get a guarantee. Their first step is to do a pre-assessment of your carpet’s cleaning needs. Once these are determined, they can provide you with a reliable cleaning estimate.

Service includes pretreatment of stains and high-traffic areas, agitation for optimal dirt removal, extraction of grime and residual soap and water, and a follow-up grooming and inspection to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the job.

The A Team also offers application of a carpet protector, so everyday dirt does not settle as easily within your carpet fibers, making it possible to go longer in between cleanings.

Try our special – three rooms for $79 – to sample the A Team experience. We are sure you will be so thrilled with your newly clean, soft carpets and the fresh scent they will sport that you will want all of your carpets to undergo the A Team treatment.

Our customers also enjoy emergency same-day service calls, for those days you are expecting your in-laws for dinner and Buddy has an accident right in the middle of the dining room.

We use environmentally safe cleaning products too, so you can rest assured contaminants are being removed from your home, not introduced to it. Call A Team Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet, rug, tile and upholstery cleaning needs. Our fast, dependable, friendly technicians will restore the luster, freshness and a true deep cleanto your carpets in a matter of hours.